Commercial/Business Bins and Waste

FAQ: What to Do If You Have a Complaint About Commercial/Business Bins

Q: What should I do if I have a complaint about commercial or business bins?

A: Reporting Complaints About Commercial/Business Bins

  • If you have a complaint regarding commercial or business bins, you need to report it to Environmental Health via the Customer Services Team. Here’s how:
  1. Contact Environmental Services
  1. What to Include in Your Complaint
  • When reporting your complaint, provide as much detail as possible, such as:
    • The location of the commercial or business bins
    • The nature of the complaint (e.g., bins not being emptied, overflowing bins, unpleasant odours)
    • Any relevant photos or evidence, if possible

Q: What issues does Environmental Health handle?

  • Environmental Health deals with a wide range of issues, including:
  • Food Safety and Health and Safety at Work
  • Premises inspection and complaint and accident investigation
  • Nuisance investigation and control, including noise, pollution monitoring, and pest control
  • Dog warden services
  • Investigation and remediation of contaminated land
  • Domestic water sampling
  • Food poisoning investigation
  • Licensing of certain types of premises (e.g., houses in multiple occupation, pet shops, riding establishments)

Q: What happens after I submit my complaint?

  • After submitting your complaint through the Customer Service Enquiry Form, the Environmental Health team will investigate the issue. They will take appropriate action based on the nature of the complaint and the evidence provided.

Q: Can I follow up on my complaint?

  • Yes, you can follow up on your complaint by contacting the Environmental Health team through the contact details provided in your confirmation email after you submit the enquiry form.

By reporting issues with commercial or business bins promptly and providing detailed information, you help ensure that public health and environmental standards are maintained in our community.

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