Underage Alcohol Purchasing

FAQ: How to Report Concerns About a Premises Selling Alcohol to Young People

Q: How can I report concerns about a premises selling alcohol to young people?

A: Making a Complaint About a Licence Holder

  • If you have concerns about a licensed premise selling alcohol to young people, you can make a complaint using our online form. This form can be used for complaints about all types of licences, including civil, liquor, taxi, and private hire car licences.

Q: How do I make a complaint about a licence holder?

  • To make a complaint about a licence holder, please use the Complain About a Licence Holder Form. When submitting your complaint, we will request your name and address. However, rest assured that unless you explicitly agree, these details will not be shared with the licence holder.

Q: What happens after I submit a complaint?

  • Upon receiving your complaint, we will conduct an investigation into the matter. Should the complaint progress further, such as to a suspension hearing, the licence holder will be provided with full details, including your name and address.

Q: Can I remain anonymous when making a complaint?

  • While transparency is encouraged, we understand the importance of anonymity in certain situations. Unless you opt to disclose your identity, your name and address will be kept confidential.

Q: What if I have concerns about underage alcohol sales but wish to remain unidentified?

  • If you have concerns about underage alcohol sales but prefer not to reveal your identity, you can still submit a complaint anonymously. Your anonymity will be respected throughout the investigation process, unless you indicate otherwise.

Q: Contact Information for Making a Complaint

By reporting concerns about underage alcohol sales, you play a vital role in upholding responsible alcohol retailing practices and safeguarding the welfare of young people in our community.

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